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      Welcome to Lijing Washing Equipment Co.,Ltd.!
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      Scientific management, advanced processing equipment and a large number of mold production mode,
      to provide you with no matter from the appearance or quality, far ahead in the industry in the washing machine!
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      Because of you, Lijing to more brilliant! Speak in product, expressed in service, Lijing To provide you with modelling beautiful, strong and durable industrial washing equipment!


      Guangzhou force net washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in guangzhou panyu jinxiu ecology garden full park. With more than a decade engaged in the professional cleaning equipment design, research and development, production and sales experience, since the end of the twentieth century, production series of washing equipment sold well all over the country, are exported to Europe, South America, Africa and other regions, covering hotels, schools, hospitals, army, professional washing company, and other fields, for the general customers the consistent high praise. My company mainly produces automatic industrial washing machine, full suspension lie the washing machine, washing machine, dewatering machine... View more>>>


      Hotline: (86)20-34633061    34632031   39125332                Mobile: (86)13808893512 / 18218492956  / 13928856073 
      After-sales Tel: (86) 13928870731   (86) 20-34633061         Fax: (86)20-34633062        E-mail: sales09@gdlijing.cn
      Address: No.13, Feie Industrial  Zone, Zhongcun Town, Panyu  District, Guangzhou,China
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